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Story CreatAR: a Toolkit for Spatially-Adaptive Augmented Reality Storytelling

Story CreatAR is a tool that helps authors write immersive narratives for virtual reality.

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This paper appeared at IEEE VR 2021.


This paper presets the StoryCreatAR tool. This tool enables users, specifically authors of immersive narratives (stories) to leverage SpaceSyntax to create site-agnostic experiences. This allows authors to consider “what type of location” should a specific narrative element be placed (rather than hard coding it to a specific location) and then use our system to place those elements in the best location for any arbitrary location.

This project is especially useful for Augmented Reality projects, where an author will likely have very little control over the specifics of where a user will experience their narrative. This work therefore is useful for generalizing narratives to be experienced by the widest range of users.


Abbey Singh, Ramanpreet Kaur, Peter Haltner, Matthew Peachey, Mar Gonzalez-Franco, Joseph Malloch, Derek F. Reilly


Headworn Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) displays are an exciting new medium for locative storytelling. Authors face challenges planning and testing the placement of story elements when the story is experienced in multiple locations or the environment is large or complex. We present Story CreatAR, the first locative AR/VR authoring tool that integrates spatial analysis techniques. Story CreatAR is designed to help authors think about, experiment with, and reflect upon spatial relationships between story elements, and between their story and the environment. We motivate and validate our design through developing different locative AR/VR stories with several authors.

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